The Future Of Plant Lighting

                                                                             Jul 04, 2019
Plants need light, and sunlight is used as a clean and free resource. The sun is composed of red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, infrared, ultraviolet and other colors (wavelength). Does the plant need only one or several colors of light, not all colors? This is the direction of research in the field of plant lighting. Sunlight is only a limited number of hours a day and is susceptible to seasonal weather conditions. In order to obtain better economic benefits, artificial light sources can be used to fill the plants or completely replace the sunlight. Plant lighting can be aimed at increasing production and economic benefits, as well as landscape design. Plants, tobacco, tea, Chinese herbal medicines and other economically valuable plants can use plant lighting technology for growth promotion and control. LEDs are the main trend of plant lighting in the future due to their advantages of energy saving, long life and easy control.

At present, more research has a certain result in the direction of plant absorption of light of different colors. The reason why plants are green is because they do not absorb green light and reflect the green light in the sun. Red light and blue light absorb more, especially chlorophyll requires a large amount of these two kinds of light.

There are also illumination time affecting plant growth, and the intensity of light is also the luminous flux received per unit area. Different plants, including transgenic plants, have different optimal requirements for light indicators.

At present, research on plant lighting is still concentrated in the experimental stage. Due to the large investment in research, the input of light source manufacturers is needed, and the economic value of output is small, so it is impossible to attract capital into the industry.

Plant lighting has high application value for special scenes such as space and polar. As for extensive commercial promotion, there is still a long way to go.