The Difference Between LED Lights And Ordinary Fluorescent Lamps

Nov 21, 2018
General Fluorescent Lamps: There is a filament at both ends of the fluorescent lamp, with trace amounts of argon and thin mercury vapour in the tube, fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the lamp, and ultraviolet light when the gas between the two filaments is conductive, making the fluorescent powder emit soft visible light. Fluorescent lamp working characteristics: The lamp began to ignite when the need for a high voltage, normal luminescence only allowed through a small current, when the voltage at both ends of the lamp is lower than the supply voltage. LED Fluorescent Lamps: LED fluorescent lamps to high quality, durable, energy-saving as the main characteristics, projection angle adjustment range is large, 15W brightness is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamps. Anti-high temperature, moisture-proof waterproof, anti-leakage. The use voltage is: 110V, 220V optional, hood optional glass or PC material. The lamp head is the same as the ordinary fluorescent lamp. LED fluorescent lamps using the latest LED light source technology, digital design, power saving up to more than 70%, 12W led daylight lighting strong equivalent to 40W fluorescent lamp tube (for ballast and starter, 36W fluorescent lamp real power consumption of 42W to 44W). LED Fluorescent lamp life of more than 10 times times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, do not need to often replace the lamp, ballast, starter. Green and environmentally friendly semiconductor electric light source, soft lighting, pure spectrum, conducive to the user’s vision protection and physical health. 6000K Cold light Source gives people a visual cool feeling, humanized illumination difference design, more conducive to concentration, improve efficiency.