The development idea of HID electronics and hid inductance

Jan 11, 2019

1, maintain a constant output power:

Keep the instantaneous output power of the lamp constant, if the square wave current drive can be used to obtain the lamp instantaneous output power constant output characteristics, and thus ensure that the phenomenon of “acoustic resonance” does not occur.

2, abnormal protection function: Electronic ballast in conjunction with the use of lamps may appear lamp leakage, non-activation, non-start and main circuit current too large abnormal conditions, in order not to cause ballast damage, in the lamp abnormal, automatically shut down the ballast, in order to ensure the safety, performance and reliability of the ballast.

3, overcurrent, voltage control:

When the quality of power supply is not high, all kinds of harmonic and noise pollution in the power grid (such as instantaneous high pressure, high energy pulse) is serious, as well as lightning strike overcurrent impact will directly affect or damage the switch tube, capacitor, etc., this need to set up overcurrent, voltage protection.

4, reduce the temperature rise: Ballast after a long period of work temperature will be greatly increased, ballast temperature rise mainly from the semiconductor components generated by the power consumption and heat, temperature rise, its life is bound to shorten, design, to minimize power consumption, improve efficiency, excellent performance of electronic ballast electrical efficiency is generally more than 90%.

The use of professional electronic insulation adhesive sealing irrigation, can make the overall temperature rise of the product to reduce, prevent water, dust and other debris into the entry, to avoid moisture caused by the short circuit caused by product damage, further improve the reliability of the product, but also to avoid the transport vibration and impact caused by damage.

5, Wide voltage operating range:

Some remote economically underdeveloped areas have poor power supply quality, large voltage changes, electronic ballast should be able to adapt to changes in the power grid, to maintain normal work.

6, lamp current peak coefficient control: Fluorescent lamp life depends on the emission capacity of the lamp cathode. The lamp current peak coefficient is an important index that affects the cathodic emission capacity and the stability of the emission current, the national standard regulation is controlled in ≤1.7, the lamp current peak coefficient is high, the lamp cathode is damaged greatly, the lamp blackening time is accelerated, the life span is bound to decline, the lamp current peak coefficient is too large, and will bring additional flashes.




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