The development course of HID electronics and hid inductance
Jan 11, 2019

Three steps for the development of electronic ballast: analog-hybrid-digital Digital electronic ballast is for the analog electronic ballast, ballast in the emergence of electronic ballast, is the first start from the analog, the initial circuit, in general, analog circuit electronic ballast, the structure is relatively simple, the function is relatively single, to achieve the requirements of the standard such as 3C, the construction of the circuit is more complex, And it is not easy to realize preheating start, cut-off and other protection functions, if you can achieve these functions of analog electronics, in the product consistency, reliability is facing a larger problem, not easy to solve.

However, ordinary analog electrons have the advantage of cost, and play a very important role in the marketization process of electronic ballast replacing inductor ballast, which is still the largest variety of market. With the development of the market, the requirements of the user is increasing, the ordinary analog electronic ballast ballast is also gradually changing to digital, so mixed with digital and analog circuit electronic ballast appears on the market, the Circuit front section simulation, the back section number, or the previous number, the back segment simulation,

These hybrid circuits greatly improve the quality requirements of ordinary analog circuits, can simply partially achieve standard performance requirements and reliability requirements, but also a good transitional choice, can meet some of the requirements of a relatively high market demand, but the cost is higher than analog electronics. To truly meet security requirements, performance requirements, EMI and EMC requirements, while achieving high product reliability requirements, it is important to take the road of digital electronic ballast. Digital circuit with unique high stability, high reliability, high logic, can easily achieve the requirements of the standards, such as: wide voltage and even full voltage start (120-277V), program preheating start, abnormal state diagnosis and protection, digital electronic ballast can truly achieve national standards requirements,

Easy to apply to all kinds of occasions. Although the digital type is higher than the analog and hybrid electronic ballast in terms of individual cost, the procurement cost of digital electronic ballast is high, but its cost of use and maintenance costs are greatly reduced in terms of TOC (total customer cost), that is, total cost = Purchase cost + cost of Use + maintenance cost.

Ultimately, the total cost (TOC) is still much lower than the analog electronic and hybrid electronic ballast; digital electronic ballast has up to 5 years of quality assurance (or more than 20,000 hours), while greatly playing the performance of the Lamp and service life, is a real to create value for customers, in line with the National Energy conservation and environmental protection industry policy products. Today’s digitalization in the national life has become a rolling trend, unstoppable, no one again holding a brick mobile phone (simulator), although it was out of the limelight, the small MP3, MP4 also early to replace the tape drive (simulator) hanging in the waist; once indomitable Kodak company, also had to launch a digital camera, Although it very much wants the user to buy its film (analog). The digital road of electronic ballast in China is also determined by the market and objective, it will not be because of our simple identification on the full arrival, and will not be because of our simple refusal to leave, but in Europe, the United States, Japan and other advanced countries energy conservation and environmental protection experience and lighting industry, digital electronic ballast has been in full swing, in the world, Green products in the Tao today, I believe that the digital road of electronic ballast in China will soon come.




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