The current situation of fan industry
Dec 31, 2018

According to a report released by the Global Wind Energy Council, Global wind Power’s new installed capacity of 51477MW increased by 44% on a year earlier, with cumulative Installed capacity exceeding the 50GW threshold for the first time, and data set a new world record. China’s wind power industry has driven global growth.

In 2014, China Wind Power added 23.3505 million kilowatts of installed capacity, an increase of 45.1% year, the cumulative Installed capacity of nearly 115 million kilowatts, including grid capacity of nearly 100 Million-kilowatt, accounting for the full capacity of all power generation 7%.

The recovery of the wind power industry, in addition to the strength of wind power itself, the decline in coal prices, the decline in fuel costs, resulting in the vast majority of power enterprises profit hit this year’s high, so that the scale of wind power construction can be expanded and the payment of unit arrears.

The performance of wind power equipment manufacturers as a result in 2014, the overall fluttering red, market concentration further increased to the top eight enterprises, China’s wind power industry has basically ended the situation of low-priced competition. Wind power industry generally believes that the wind power industry in the future will enter a stable growth of the new normal, the next five years, the annual new installed capacity or will reach at least 20 Million-kilowatt, developers profit improvement remains a bottleneck.