Suggestion on selection of ballast for HID lamp
Jan 11, 2019

Electronic ballast to improve the lighting system energy efficiency and quality has a clear advantage, is the new international recommended application of the product, but also the trend of future development.

(1) in continuous tension of the visual workplace and visual conditions of high requirements of the place (such as design, drawing, typing, etc.), in the requirements of particularly quiet places (wards, rooms, etc.) and young people to see the place (classroom, reading room, etc.) should be preferred.

(2) in places where dimming is required, three-color fluorescent lamps can be used with adjustable digital ballasts to replace incandescent or halogen lamps, which can greatly improve energy efficiency.

(3) should choose high-quality, low-harmonic products, should not simply pursue cheap, should meet the technical requirements of use, consider the operation and maintenance effect, and make a comprehensive comparison. 

(4) When selecting less than 25W fluorescent lamps, as mentioned earlier, the harmonic limit values specified in the GB19625.1-2003 standard are very wide, such as a large number of applications in a building, will lead to a variety of adverse consequences.

Effective measures should be taken in the design to limit it. 

(5) The selected product should not only investigate its total input power, but also understand its output luminous flux. According to the regulations, the lumen coefficient (μ) for the use of ballasts should not be less than 0.95. The EU has established a energy efficiency level for ballasts, which also provides for a corresponding lumen coefficient of μ≥0.96.




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