Hydroponics Simple Grow Light Reflector Hood

Hydroponics Simple Grow Light Reflector Hood


Chin-up offers affordable and quality indoor garden equipment for start-up and for seasoned growers. Our open hood reflectors allow your grow lights to be distributed evenly. Comes with pre-installed E39 mogul bulb socket with 15 ft. heavy duty S-type wire plug. It is designed for 250-Watt/400-Watt/600-Watt/1000-Watt MH and HPS bulbs.


1. Socket type: E39 or E40 Mogul ceramic

2. Designed for HID bulb use so will fit MH and HPS bulbs

3. 15 ft. heavy duty wire cord included

4. Glassless design makes bulb change and maintenance simple

5. Lightweight metal construction is durable yet easy to handle

6. ETL, CE approved with 3 year warranty


M Size: 76.5 x 66 x 20cm(assembled)

L Size: 91.5 x 79 x 21cm(assembled)

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