GoLux 1000w DE Grow Light Fixture

  • – SBCS -Single Bounce reflector ensures minimal light loss
  • – Brighter, cleaner light for maximum yield
  • – Less Heat – reduced risk of heat damage to plants
  • – Reduce cooling costs
  • – No loss of vertical space – ideal for rooms with low or high ceilings
  • – Available Master Controller (sold separately) for dimming to sunrise/sunset and when temperature, humidity, VPD and CO2 levels vary
  • – Overall much greater output and yield than any other lighting system

The GoLux HPS Grow Light Features:

  • – The highest output (light) due to the overdrive boost and 400V UHF technology, boasts the highest possible efficiency (98%) of all available horticulture reflectors is achieved.  
  • – Miro Silver Reflector with Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle
  • – Highly efficient – puts out 2.1 micromole (µmol) per watt 
  • – The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts
  • – Soft-Start, Soft-Dim, Soft-Off function
  • – Can be dimmed manually in 8 levels including the “off” position.
  • – Can be variably dimmed and controlled via the Maxi Controller
  • – Extensive diagnostic LEDs
  • – EOL function (End Of Life indication to replace lamps)
  • – Safety features for preventing short circuits, open contact, high temperatures, too low voltage, too high voltage
  • – 15ft RJ14 Cable