Product features of HID lamps on ballast
Jan 11, 2019

1) Energy saving: Electronic ballast itself power loss is only about 40% of the inductor ballast, and fluorescent lamps in the high frequency around 30KHz, the light efficiency will be increased by 20%, the operating current is only about 40% of the inductance, and can start and work at low temperature, low pressure.

2) No strobe: When the lamp works around 30KHZ, the luminous stability, the human eye does not feel  “strobe ” is conducive to the protection of vision.

3) No noise: conducive to working and learning in a quiet environment.

4) Longer lamp life: no starter, no repeated impact, flicker, will not make the lamp prematurely blackened, a start, reduce the maintenance and replacement of the starter and lamp workload 5) high power factor, reduce VAR loss, improve the effective utilization rate of supply equipment capacity, reduce the loss of the line.




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