Parameters related to Fan
Dec 20, 2018

Gas compression and gas conveying machinery is a machine that converts rotating mechanical energy into gas pressure energy and kinetic energy, and transports gas out.

The main structural components of the fan are impeller, chassis, air inlet, bracket, motor, pulley, coupling, silencer, transmission parts (bearings) and so on.  

The non-power ventilator is the use of natural wind and indoor and outdoor temperature difference caused by air thermal convection, push the turbine rotation so that the use of centrifugal force and negative pressure effect of the indoor non-fresh hot air discharge. The fan is related to the energy consumption of the system, which is a very critical part of building energy saving.

According to the national Air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection Center for many years fan testing shows that many fans in the rated operating conditions have problems, so it is necessary to strictly in accordance with product standards requirements for the production and manufacture of fans. When the fan first started working, the vibration of the bearing part is very small, but with the increase of the running time, the dust in the fan will be unevenly attached to the impeller, gradually destroy the dynamic balance of the fan, so that the bearing vibration gradually increased, once the vibration reached the maximum allowable value of the fan 11mm/s (the maximum allowable value expressed by the amplitude The fan must be shut down to repair (remove dust buildup and redo the dynamic balance). Because this is already very dangerous, users must not be forced to use. When the fan vibration is close to the hazard value, the vibration gauge will be alerted.

The maximum allowable value for vibration of fan bearings is:

(1) When the bearing vibration speed is effectively displayed as: 11mm/s.

(2) The following values are displayed with the bearing amplitude:

Motor synchronous speed of 3000 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.1mm (double amplitude)

Motor synchronous speed of 1500 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.2mm (double amplitude)

Motor synchronous speed of 1000 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.31mm (double amplitude)

Motor synchronous speed of 750 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.4mm (double amplitude)

Motor synchronous speed of 600 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.5mm (double amplitude) Motor synchronous speed of 500 RPM: Maximum allowable value: 0.6mm (double amplitude)




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