Introduction Of High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Introduction Of High Pressure Sodium Lamp
Apr 27, 2020

        The high-pressure sodium lamp emits golden white light when used, and has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, strong fog-transmitting ability and no corrosion. Widely used in outdoor lighting, municipal lighting, home garden lighting, industrial and mining lighting, plant lighting (plant growth lights). High-color rendering high-pressure sodium lamps are mainly used in stadiums, exhibition halls, casinos, department stores, hotels and other places.

The advantages of high-pressure sodium lamps:

1.Good efficiency (lumens per watt).

2.Smaller than low-pressure sodium lamps or fluorescent lamps, high-pressure 3.sodium lamps are suitable for many lamp types.

4.Can be converted into old mercury vapor lamps.

5.Longer life than low pressure sodium lamp.

Disadvantages of high-pressure sodium lamps:

No metal halide and halogen lamp color rendering effect is good.

When the circuit system is running. The need to run a low arc voltage of 52-100V is detrimental to the ballast (low efficiency), which reduces the actual efficiency of the bulb.