Knowledge Of Electronic Ballast For Fluorescent Lamps And Germicidal Lamps

                                                                             Jan 11, 2019
Electronic Ballast Knowledge Introduction: The use of semiconductor electronic components, DC or low-frequency AC voltage converted to high-frequency AC voltage, driving low-pressure gas discharge lamps (germicidal lamps), halogen tungsten lamps and other light source work electronic control device. The most widely used is the electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps. Electronic ballast because of the use of modern soft switch inverter technology and advanced Active power factor correction technology and electronic filtering measures, has a good electromagnetic compatibility, reducing the self-loss of ballast. Identify electronic ballasts for good or bad Remove the starter, disconnect the power supply, test the two ends of the ballast can be. If the ballast of the older inductive, inductive can be used in this way to test whether the coil burned. This old-fashioned ballast is broken, generally is the coil burning, resulting in no voltage at both ends of the lamp, will not cause the lamp to burn out. There will be a lot of situations for electronic ballasts. The resistance values of three ballasts can be measured separately according to the method described above to see if there is a large difference in order to determine whether the ballast is damaged. You can also change the glow to see if the burning starter can not be disconnected and has been in the path state. In short, replace with the method.