Introduction To Electronic Ballast

                                                                     Jan 11, 2019
Electronic ballast, is a ballast, refers to the use of electronic technology to drive electric light source, so that it produces the required lighting electronic equipment. Corresponding to this is the inductive ballast (or ballast). Modern fluorescent lamps more and more use of electronic ballast, lightweight and compact, and even electronic ballasts and lamps can be integrated together, at the same time, electronic ballast can often have the function of the starter, so you can save a separate starter. Electronic ballasts can also have more features, such as improving or eliminating the flicker of fluorescent lamps by increasing the current frequency or current waveform (such as turning into square waves), or by using the power inverter process to allow the fluorescent lamp to use a DC power supply. Some of the drawbacks of traditional inductive rectifiers make it being replaced by an increasingly mature electronic ballast.

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