Installation Requiements of Fan
Jan 24, 2019

A, the base requirements of the fan level, sturdy, and the base height of the ≥200mm. b, fan and duct using hose (flexible material and not combustion) connection, the length should not be less than 200mm, pipe diameter and fan import and export size is the same. In order to ensure that the hose does not appear distorted during the operation of the system, the tightness should be installed in moderation.

For canvas hoses mounted on the suction end of the fan, it can be installed slightly tighter to prevent the fan from being inhaled while running, reducing the cross-sectional size of the canvas hose. C, the steel bracket of the fan must be fixed on the concrete foundation, and the rubber damping pad must be added between the fan’s steel bracket and the foundation.

All fans and motor components are installed on the entire steel bracket, the steel rack is installed on the base top of the damping pad, damping pad is best used porous rubber plate. D, fan outlet pipe diameter can only be larger, can not be smaller, the final outlet to install anti-insect mesh, in favor of the wind should be added to the rain cap.




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