How inductor ballasts work

Jan 11, 2019

When the switch closed circuit in the application of 220V 50HZ AC power, the current flows through the ballast, the lamp filament starter to the filament heating (the starter is disconnected at the beginning, because of the pressure of an AC voltage greater than 190V, so that the jump in the bubble inside the gas arc discharge, so that the bimetallic sheet heating deformation, Two electrodes together, forming a path to the filament heating), when the initiator of the two electrodes together, because there is no arc discharge, bimetallic cooling, bipolar separation, because the inductance ballast is sensual, when the circuit suddenly interrupted, at both ends of the lamp will produce a duration of about 1ms of 600v-1500v pulse voltage, The exact voltage value depends on the type of lamp, in the case of discharge, the two ends of the lamp voltage drops immediately, at this time the ballast on the one hand to limit the lamp current effect, on the other hand, so that the power supply voltage and lamp operating current between the generation of 55. -65.

The phase difference, thus maintaining the lamp’s two start voltage, so that the lamp can work more stably. Inductive town flow because of simple structure, long life, as the first fluorescent lamp with the work of the ballast, its market share is still relatively large, but, due to its low power factor, low voltage startup performance is poor, energy consumption is bulky, strobe and many other shortcomings, its market is slowly replaced by electronic ballast, Inductance Ballast energy loss: 40W (lamp power) +10W (inductance ballast self-heating loss) is equal to the total amount of lamps always power consumption of 50W.

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