Definition Of Electronic Ballast

Jan 11, 2019
In the the 1970s, there was a worldwide energy crisis, and the sense of urgency in saving energy led many companies to devote themselves to the study of electronic ballasts of energy-saving light sources and fluorescent lamps, with the rapid development of semiconductor technology, a variety of high-voltage power switch devices continue to emerge, for the development of electronic ballasts to provide conditions, the late 70, Foreign manufacturers took the lead in the introduction of the first generation of electronic ballast, is a major innovation in the history of lighting development. Because it has many advantages, such as energy saving, has aroused great concern and interest all over the world, considered to be the ideal product to replace inductor ballast, and then some famous enterprises have invested considerable manpower and material resources to carry out a higher level of research and development. As a result of the rapid development of microelectronics technology, the promotion of electronic ballast to high-performance and high-reliability direction, many semiconductor companies launched a dedicated power switch devices and control integrated circuits series of products, in 1984, Siemens developed the TPA4812 and other active factor correction electrical IC, power factor reached 0.99. Subsequently, some companies have introduced integrated electronic ballast, 89 Finland Hervali Company has successfully launched an adjustable single-chip integrated circuit electronic ballast, electronic ballast in the world, especially in developed countries have been widely used throughout the country. China’s research and development of electronic ballast started late, the technical starting point is low, early understanding of the difficulty and complexity of this product is insufficient, the development of special semiconductor devices has not kept up, product quality can not be closed, and the market is extremely irregular, a large number of low-priced shoddy are thrown into the market, so that consumers suffer losses, seriously damaging the image In the late 90, due to the rapid development and improvement of production level, from the circuit design to the electronic device supporting have entered a more mature stage, quality products into the construction project, with the implementation of China’s green lighting project, for the application of electronic ballast paved the way, domestic electronic ballast will quickly catch up with the international advanced level, Occupy a place in a competitive international market.