Automated Control Of The Greenhouse Environment, Greenhouse Control System To Increase Your Planting Output!

                                                                Jul 01, 2019
Bringing up the greenhouse control system, I believe that many friends who have done greenhouses should have heard that the main function of the greenhouse greenhouse control system is to improve the growth environment of crops in time by automatically controlling greenhouse temperature, greenhouse humidity, automatic irrigation, and automatic fertilization. , thereby increasing the yield and quality of crops, while also reducing the burden of planting! Speaking of this, many people may be curious. I want to know how to achieve automatic control of temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, as well as how to automate irrigation and automatic fertilization! We can briefly introduce this! For the principle of greenhouse automation, we can, for example, automate the temperature control in the greenhouse. The greenhouse control system itself can timely understand the temperature inside the greenhouse through the greenhouse temperature sensor. When the system monitors the temperature in the greenhouse is lower than the standard value. The system can automatically open the temperature control system to adjust the temperature inside the greenhouse. When the temperature in the greenhouse reaches the standard range, the system can automatically turn off the temperature control system. In this process, you only need to set the temperature in the greenhouse. With standard values, the system can automatically control the temperature in the greenhouse through the monitoring data of the sensors!

I believe that after reading the above paragraph, I have an understanding of the principle of the greenhouse control system. In fact, the control principle of the greenhouse control system is the same for other aspects of control itself! Through the soil moisture sensor, real-time understanding of soil moisture to control automatic irrigation, through the soil nitrogen and phosphorus sensors can real-time understanding of nutrient conditions in the soil, through which to control the fertilization system!

In fact, the greenhouse system has been trialed in many greenhouse cultivation bases a few years ago, and the functions of the greenhouse control system are far more than these! At present, it is possible to realize the docking of the mobile terminal, and can timely understand various data information on the mobile phone side, and can see the soil moisture, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, greenhouse temperature, greenhouse humidity and the like on the mobile phone, and can also achieve control on the mobile phone end. The mobile phone can open and close the irrigation system, and the mobile phone can be turned on to turn off fertilization, switch fans, switch shed sun visors, etc.! Thereby greatly improving your planting efficiency!