Application of electronic Ballast

Jan 11, 2019

There are still some problems in the actual use of electronic ballasts: 

1, reliability is difficult to guarantee. HID lamp Electronic ballast circuit structure is far more complex than fluorescent lamp electronic ballast, the number of electronic components selected is several times the electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps, electronic components failure probability is also high.

At the same time, China HID bulb manufacturers are uneven, the actual implementation standards are different, light bulbs and electronic ballasts are difficult to achieve a true sense of matching, the use of the effect can be imagined. 

2, the working environment is difficult to do. The requirements of electronic ballast for the use of the environment make the design of lamps and lanterns put forward new requirements. For example, sodium lamps are mainly used for outdoor road lighting, the average daily working time of about 12 hours, long working hours, and open-air work, directly affected by the large temperature difference, stormy storm, lightning strike all year round. Also, consider that ballast and light bulbs are installed in sealed luminaire housings, and high-power bulbs emit far more heat than summer ambient temperatures.

If the ballast can withstand the test of high temperature, life will not be a problem! 

3, heat dissipation problems are old. The heat dissipation problem is an important factor affecting the life of electronic ballast (especially high power electronic ballast). For a large number of development of integrated lamps, difficult to install and use, mainly electronic ballast generally require operating ambient temperature should be less than 55 ℃, so that the electronic ballast shell temperature remains below 75 ℃, to ensure the service life of electronic ballast. and the actual operation is very difficult, therefore, the design is elegant, has a good heat dissipation effect of the luminaire, is required by the times.

From the overall situation of the industry, the design of practical high-power electronic ballast has yet to be perfected. 

4, the cost of looking forward to the people’s prices. Electronic ballast Although its comprehensive economic benefits are high, but because of the high disposable investment, after a year of use can gradually show the advantages of its operating costs, it is difficult to be widely accepted. and to improve reliability, costs are bound to increase dramatically. However, with the rapid development of the level of electronic technology, the above problems will be improved in succession, electronic ballast will become the highlight of green lighting and has been widely concerned and applied




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