Advantages Of Electronic Ballast

Jan 11, 2019

(1) Energy saving.

Fluorescent lamp Electronic ballast, more use of 20-60khz frequency supply lamp, so that the lamp light efficiency than the frequency increase of about 10% (according to the length of 4 feet of the lamp), and its own low power consumption, so that the total input power of the lamp decreased by about 20%, has a better energy-saving effect. 

(2) Elimination of strobe, more stable luminescence.

It is beneficial to improve visual resolution and improve the effect, and to reduce the visual fatigue of continuous operation, which is beneficial to the protection of vision. 

(3) The starting point is more reliable.

Preheating lamp After the beginning of success, to avoid a number of starting points. (4) high power factor. Fluorescent lamps above 25W that meet national standards have a power factor of more than 0.95.

However, it should be noted that the national standard on the lamp below 25W set the harmonic limit is very high, so that its power factor reduced to 0.7-0.8.

(5) stable input power and output luminous flux: high-quality products have good voltage regulator performance, in the power supply, voltage deviation is very large, still can maintain the constant power of the light source, stable illumination, conducive to energy saving. 

(6) Extend lamp life.

The constant power of high quality products and the decrease of lamp current, as well as the reliable starting point and other factors can make the lamp life longer. 

(7) Low noise.

High quality electronic ballast noise can reach less than 35db, people do not feel noise. 

(8) You can adjust the light.

For places that require dimming, such as the original use of incandescent lamps or halogen tungsten lamp dimming place, replaced by high-efficiency fluorescent lamps with adjustable electronic ballast, can achieve a large range of dimming in 2%-100%. It is important to note that only well-designed electronic ballasts can play to all of these advantages. Although they are all electronic ballasts, electronic ballasts for halogen lamps are much more complex, or almost completely different, than those used in fluorescent lamps.

If the design or manufacturing process is not in place, a very small omission can cause a malfunction.