Advantages Of Contrast Between LED Fluorescent Lamps And Common Fluorescent Lamps

                                                                   Nov 30, 2018
1, energy saving. 2, long life LED lamp. 3, good applicability, because of the small size of a single led, can be made into any shape. 4, the response time is short, is the NS (nanosecond) level of response time, and the ordinary luminaire is the MS (millisecond) level of response time. 5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, waste easy to recycle. 6, brilliant colors, pure luminous color, narrow spectral range, and can be mixed with red, green and blue color color into colorful or white light. Cons: 1, the price is expensive. 2, there is still a big gap between the light efficiency and the theoretical light efficiency that can be achieved generally. 3, there is still a big gap between the life span and the theoretical life (10w hours) that can be achieved. 4, there is still a certain amount of heat. 5, light decay can also be greatly reduced. However, these shortcomings can be overcome through the improvement of the process, so even if the LED light source has not completely replaced the existing traditional light source, but with the development of technology, the future must be the world of LEDs.