Advantages and disadvantages of HID electronics and HID Inductors

Jan 11, 2019

1, to ensure the life of the lamp: traditional copper and iron ballast aging or deterioration, its provision of current may be too large, easy to damage the lamp, resulting in shorter life, CDM lamp price is quite high, if the use of electronic ballast is easier to ensure lamp life. Therefore, as long as there is a record of replacing the lamp in 5,000, for the industry, the use of electronic will be more cost-effective than the traditional. 

2, anti-discoloration: If the use of traditional copper-iron stabilizer, after 2,000 hours of use, the color temperature of the halogen lamp will begin to produce offset, or even up to more than 30% discoloration, a serious impact on the store goods, the use of electronic ballast, to the end of the lamp life, color temperature change limit within 5%. 

3, power saving: Compared with the traditional copper and iron ballast, electronic type can save 10%~20% power costs. 

4, light weight: Compared with the traditional copper and iron ballast, the electronic weight is about 1/3 of the traditional type. Especially suitable for 35w and 20w small watt number of gold halide lamps or track lamps design.  second, HID electronic ballast and fluorescent lamp electronic ballast design different fluorescent lamps electronic ballast gold halide lamp electronic ballast lighting operating frequency: >20K Hz above <250 Hz working loop fixed current loop fixed power Loop drive mode semi-p resonant full p resonance  Three, Comparison of electronic ballast and traditional inductor ballast 6 points-1, power saving: Electronic ballast can save 10%~20% power. 2, Bear voltage change: Electronic ballast because of the adoption of active work road, can withstand a wide range of voltage changes, and traditional ballast can only withstand 10% range. 3, light weight: The weight of the electronic ballast is about 1/3 of the traditional ballast. 4, Strobe: Electronic ballast without lamp flicker problem. 5, Starter: Electronic ballast does not require a starter. 6, compensating capacitors: electronic ballasts do not require compensating capacitors.




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